In today’s world, you just want to know that the environments where you live, work, shop, visit, and enjoy, are healthy and safe spaces. We celebrate knowing that we can play a dynamic role in making sure that this is a never-ending reality.

Steam sanitizes and disinfects while it cleans. Using temperatures of 80°C (176°F) or higher on contact surfaces is known to remove most bacteria and inactivate most viruses. 

Dry vapor steam contains less moisture in comparison to conventional boiler-systems and pressure washers, cleaning those delicate and hard to reach areas with the least amount of moisture. The steam melts and removes grease, oil, and dirt leaving surfaces clean and dry. 

Hot Steamy Facts

Steam is a Bacteria Destroyer

Think about this, around 700 different harmful bacteria can inhabit a car’s interior. Steams comes to the rescue to eliminate these nasty germs, making a car a healthy driving environment.

Steam Goes Where Soap & Water Can't

Traditional cleaning methods rely on excessive amounts of chemicals and water. Steam gently breaks down stubborn grime and buildup and blows it away for good.

Steam Kills Dust Mites

Dust mites are a major cause of allergies; especially in vulnerable individuals, such as children and the elderly. Steam kills dust mites and stops the repopulation process.

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Drive Like It's Brand New

Our Auto Detailing service is 2nd to none. Refresh’s goal is NOT to merely wash your car, but to make your car a Healthy/Sanitized driving experience each time you’re behind the wheel.


20+ Years Experience

Our Founders started their own cleaning service as teenagers, now growing Refresh Steam into the number #1 household name for Auto and Commercial cleaning.


A Team of Professionals

Our team of highly trained professionals are equiped to sanitize all surfaces effectively, within a timly manner.

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“ I was really impressed with their service yesterday that I decide to bring them my other vehicle today. These gentlemen sure pay attention to detail. Thank you!! I will defiantly be returning soon.

5 stars ”
John winter

Nothing looks better than a black truck that sparkles and shines; that’s exactly what the wonderful team at Refresh Steam Auto Detailers gave me! #MirrorFinish Go let them beautify your ride!

Brad Smith

“ My car is so clean and shiny inside and out. My leather seats had a blue stain from my jeans and they were able to remove it completely! These gentleman are extremely attentive and professional. I’m hooked!

  • 5 stars 
Steve Waller


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Frequently Asked

Will Steam Harm/Scratch Paint?

Our dry vapor steam technology actually does quite the opposite. See the steam pressure gently penetrates through the contaminates on your paints surface, leaving your car shining as if it were buffed and waxed.

How much water is used?

Refresh is dedicated to making the world a clean and healthier environment. We’re able to clean the entire Exterior of a sedan with ONE bottle of water, with no chemical or water run off.

Is Steam safe for electricals?

Yes, Our Steam Tech Professionals are highly trained to ensure that your electricals are safe. Our steam process is safe for all surfaces, with the proper care. 

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